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Utility Assistance Winter Program (EAP) is a program that provides a one time credit on utilities for low-income households. It generally begins in November and runs through Mid-May. If a household is eligible, a designated amount will be credited to the utility bill.


The Energy Assistance Utility Program appointments are booked through December 2017.  This office is NOT taking any additional appointments at this time.  We will start handing  out appointment tickets for January 2018 starting on December 22, 2017 at 7 a.m.

If you have a disconnect notice or your services are already shut off, you can still call for an emergency appointment (please read instructions below).

For Emergency Appointments Instructions - click on the following link:  EAP - Emergency Appointment Instructions

For a list of Documents Needed - click on the following link:  EAP - Documents Needed List  

For the Landlord Affidavit - click on the following link:  Landlord Affidavit 

For the WorkOne Release of Information Form - click on the following link:  WorkOne Release of Information Form